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The price range for gifts will be $10-$20. You can spend more if you want, but don't feel obligated.

The deadline to enter will be somewhere around December 10th. Send an email to team@1chan.us including: your nickname, your full address including country, and your interests and/or gift ideas to help your Santa.

Please only participate if you will be sending a physical gift with a value of at least $10. Don't forget that shipping is not usually free. Last year only one person got shafted, and I'd really like to see a 100% gift rate this time around.

See the thread for more information: http://1chan.us/41268


The hills are alive... with the sounds of 1chan. Tune in using your browser via the web player, or any desktop media player.

DJ applications are being accepted, please inquire via chat.


Edit: This contest has ended. Thank you to all who participated.

Up for grabs is $25 via PayPal (or a gift card of your choice) to whoever can invite the most chubs. This prize amount may increase. The competition will end on September 15th.

Previously there was a limit on the number of invitations you could send. This limit has been removed. While you can still send invitations via email, a new invitation link has been added to the top of the page, as well as your account page. Post this link anywhere, and anyone who uses it to sign up will count towards your standing.

The competition begins immediately. All registrations under your account will begin counting towards your standing. Cheaters will be promptly shamed and told to fuck off.

Good luck. May the best chub win.

P.S. 1chan.us is a banned URL on 4chan. Please use an image containing your registration link when recruiting there.

1channel USA would like to wish you a happy and safe 4th of July. We also thought this would be a good time to mention that the board now supports .WebM and .SWF files.

Two new settings affect what emails you will receive from 1chan, more specifically when someone @mentions you or >>quotes one of your posts. By default, email notifications will only be sent if someone @mentions you. The new notification system will go live within the next few days.
The third new setting controls the number of replies shown on board index pages. By default, three replies are shown.

Starting Monday the 23rd is our first monthly fitness challenge. Here's an excerpt from the thread:

"Fitocracy is an excellent workout tracking service. [...] Monday, September 23rd is the first day of CHUB ON THE RUN, a competition based on how far you run, which will end on Wednesday, October 23rd. The top three winners will receive special prizes which are TBA."

Follow me: https://www.fitocracy.com/profile/tslocum/
Group (Hard Fat): https://www.fitocracy.com/group/16060/

Several chubs have already rose to the challenge. Will you? The competition thread is located at http://1chan.us/17732

P.S. There have been a few additions to the 1chan.us video archives. Be sure to subscribe for more premium content. The YouTube channel is located at http://www.youtube.com/user/1channelUSA

Join the 1chan.us ChubHouse by connecting to cs.1chan.us:27015

The server is focused towards community maps made by your fellow chubs, however we will also have periods of classic gameplay. We would also like to add at least one more game server for those who don't play CS:GO. Please voice your opinion in the chat room.

This week Team 1chan has focused their efforts on improving the quality of threads rather than flooding many new chubs into the site. On Friday we will resume recruiting, and all current chubs will receive ten invitations. We might reduce the invitations available on Monday depending on the quality of threads.

Happy birthday ethereality! Be sure to send him your wishes (and give him what he wants) in his thread at http://1chan.us/15920

Please review the updated FAQ at http://faq.1chan.us

The following tags are now restricted:
  • Furry
  • Lolicon
  • Pony
Such content is only allowed in threads tagged as such. For instance, furry images are only allowed in threads tagged Furry.

Invasion threads are not allowed on 1chan, for these types of threads please visit other chans. 888chan has an invasion board at http://888chan.org/i/

A new checkbox has been added labelled "NSFW". Check this box while creating a post if it has the potential to get someone fired from an average job. This includes blatant drugs/paraphernalia (bongs, pipes, etc.) as well as suggestive images, even if there is no nudity. If you aren't sure whether your post is NSFW or not, play it safe and mark it as NSFW.

To everyone from 4chan, welcome. We are glad to have you on board. Be advised that 1chan is not 4chan. Posting on 1chan as if it were 4chan will likely result in warnings and eventually a ban. There are many excellent examples of quality threads, skimming a few pages of the board will quickly give you an idea of what is expected of the community. If you would like further explanation, talk to a Team 1chan member in IRC.

If you haven't already, join the party happening 24/7 in #1chan on irc.1chan.us by clicking [Chat] at the top of any page.


We would like to introduce our first program, ask sage. Pose a question which shall be answered by our local oracle and mystic, sage. Your question and its revealed answer shall be read aloud by a random Team 1chan staff member. If ask sage is well received by the community, it will become a weekly program. Post your question at http://1chan.us/2976

Catalog browsing has been added. The catalog can be used for an overall summary of 1chan, or refined by board or specific tags. To access it, click the Catalog button at the bottom of every index page.

We need banners! Create a 1chan.us banner (with dimensions 444x108) and submit it to the banners thread. From Photoshop to MSPaint, banners of any quality will be considered. It is recommended that you include "1chan" or "1channel USA" somewhere in the banner, although this is not required. There is a high-res PNG with transparency of the 1chan logo in the thread. Post your banners at http://1chan.us/2559

1chan is growing faster every day. The community as a whole has been very polite towards new members, and the team have noticed numerous accounts of users directing each other to the Rules/FAQ without a hint of bashing/flaming/other disrespect. On behalf of the entire team, thank you. Kind introductions to 1chan will not only improve the quality of our posts, but also give users a reason to come back. If you would like to follow 1chan's growth, visit the statistics page at http://1chan.us/stats.html

Thank you to those who have donated. Although there is no incentive to donate, you may experience a warm feeling which commonly is associated with giving. The server costs are within our means, so donations are not required to keep the site online. Rather, donating is available if you would like to show your support for 1chan. If you would like to donate to 1chan via BitCoin or PayPal, visit http://faq.1chan.us/#donating

If you haven't stopped by the 1channel USA chat room, please do. We have an excellent group of regulars who are very friendly towards new users. Click [Chat] at the top of any page, and soon you will be closer to your fellow chubs than ever before.

P.S. Anonymous ID's have been added. These ID's help prevent someone from posting anonymously multiple times impersonating different users. This feature is enabled by default, however it can be disabled by visiting your account settings.

The rules have been completely rewritten, please review them before posting. FAQ: http://faq.1chan.us

Ignored tags have arrived. Click [My Account] and enter a few tags in the "Ignored tags" box, and they'll be hidden from view every time you browse 1chan. If you want to temporarily see the whole board, visit http://1chan.us/tagged/all

Be sure to join our IRC channel by clicking [Chat] at the top of every page. There are usually at least one or two staff members online, and plenty of chubs.

It's been a busy week at 1channel USA!

What's new:
  • Text formatting - see http://faq.1chan.us/#formatting
  • Embedding - YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud are currently supported
  • Post deletion
  • Easy post quoting
  • Clickable links
  • Bumping is now optional (sage)
  • Return to thread (noko)
  • Thumbnails maintain transparency
  • New tags
Coming soon:
  • Save groups of tags/ignored tags as a personal "board"
  • Permanently ignore tags across the board
  • Additional embedding options
  • Friends
Visit the 1chan chat room and mingle with the community. Click [Chat] in the navigation bar to join using your browser. If you have an IRC client, connect to irc.1chan.us and join #1chan


The first draft of rules for posting are now available in the FAQ. These rules will be periodically updated and such changes will be documented here.

We are recruiting moderators. If you are interested, see the FAQ for details on how to apply.

Be sure to join the 1chan IRC channel by clicking Chat in the menu bar. Users who register their nick and idle will receive permanent +v as thanks for helping the channel get started.

The following is planned to be implemented this week:

  • Browsing by tags
  • Ignored tags
  • Friends
  • Easy post quoting (clicking No.1 will add >>1 to your post)
  • New tags